MKMMA Week 20: My Pain Suffering Gratitude Hope and Faith

Here’s my weekly non rant… rant

 Our Musical Interlude

 Now Energize Your Spirit


Much love to you!



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25 thoughts on “MKMMA Week 20: My Pain Suffering Gratitude Hope and Faith

  1. Don, I hear you, what you mean, the struggles, the pain. Most of what I heard was a man who is changing and bringing out his power and reaching out and touching others. For me this is the KEY to why you feel the gratitude, when you desire to reach out and share a piece of YOU to Others. You are in Service. That is part of the Give more, Get more. I’m so glad to see you, then hear the message. My wild thought is you will be flying by the mic soon and it will be harder to see and hear you. You’re moving and that is Great. I’ve always been told and believe that when a door is shut on you that another is opened for you even better. Live with that smile ALL WAYS


    Oh geez I love that Wilson Philips song. Takes me back to a time of awesomeness and fun! Thanks for sharing your story. There is baggage behind us all… and you are shining bright through it all … you are doing it! no matter what! you are persisting through the tunnel (slaying them dragons) and you can see the light at the end… and so wonderful that you are here to help others on their path.. You’re a bloody great guy!

    ps…can you please email me the other things you found worked for you 🙂 thanks!

  3. Don, as always your honesty and vitality touches a cord with me. Thank you for taking the plunge and sharing those things this week, I’m in complete agreeance with you that sharing our experiences truthfully and still making the choice to strive forward is what will get us where we want to be 😀 sending you a lot of positive thoughts 😀 Steph x

  4. deep, deep respect, man. This is simply brilliant and I’m sure this can and will help lots of peeps around that are going through all kinds of ‘stuff’.
    Your inner strength is amazing, and the way you bring it out, well how can one NOT listen and get touched and start thinking.
    Also because it’s so clearly heartfelt that it resonates effortlessly, it’s so obvious that you absolutely know what you are talking about, and that makes you a wonderful and strong motivator, and actually a healer.
    You really are digging out richness, and boy! you ARE rich!
    love ya!

    1. Thanks Dominica, I really appreciate how you always stick by my side as we go through this life altering journey. It really means a lot to me. Thank you

  5. Loved the video pal. We’ve got to look for the good in everything. Either we win, or we learn. It really is true, that peace of mind is the greatest form of riches in life. If we can authentically weave the wisdom you shared INTO our own personal philosophy for living, we can go through life much happier. Keep moving forward my friend!

  6. I think you’re the rocket man Don and that you have Plenty of fuel for an Awesome, Meaningful journey and have seats for us all!!! Lift off!!! I’m a better man for having the chance to know you here and Now!!!!!!! Thank you my friend 🙂 all onboard! P.S. You’ve shown me the power in a video rant! I’m going to do one next week…

    1. Thanks Dave you are a true gem. I can’t wait to see your rant. As powerful as you are with words I’m sure it’s going to be out if this world. ( sorry for the continued rocket man stuff, I couldn’t help myself)

  7. I am proud of you Don for laying all of that out for us, what a friend! I am not sure where in Texas you live, but I will be in Dallas next month and would love to share a meal. Shoot me an email if you are close enough to make that work…..

    Keep plugging forward, it sounds like the Universe is starting to pay attention to this determined life changer you are becoming!

  8. Don I’m so proud of you my friend for being transparent and open got much love for you brother. It takes a real man to express his feelings and courage to put yourself out there. Fab 4 for life & brother from another mother. 🙂

  9. Bravo Don!
    Rant or not Mahalo for your post. Yes I ponder where I am at and how far I have come.
    No one makes it without a mastermind. I am grateful for your post.
    See you at the finish line.

  10. C’mon Don, don’t you give up now! We are too close to the end for you to quit posting your wonderful videos. You have no idea how much they have meant to me, I look forward to them! (and I have kept some time open for meeting you next Saturday if you are available)

    1. Thanks Bruce, to say it’s been a wild eye opening ride would certainly be an understatement! Thanks for your support.

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