MKMMA Week 17 Don’t Worry About The Mule, Just Load The Wagon!

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25 thoughts on “MKMMA Week 17 Don’t Worry About The Mule, Just Load The Wagon!

  1. Love your new blog. You always make me smile. It is so true that is it a slower process for some than others. But we are getting there. How awesome is that. I can’t believe it’s been 4 months. WOW!!!!! I didn’t even think about it. Have a wonderful week. I am stuck in the blizzard 13″ and counting. Here is a good laugh for you. Seriously people are like this here. Funny.

  2. how can anyone NOT love you….. 😀 you really ARE a miracle, Don 🙂 🙂
    great blog also by the way, BRAVO for doing that yourself, wowwow, I can only dream about having those skills and patience for that …..
    just one thing: I had to search around a bit before I understood where to find your weekly blogs, because when you hoover over ‘my masterkey-blog’, you don’t get to see that option, just the stuff about the shcolarship and so, so I did not click on it and continued to search all over…. until I decided (yep, my word of the week 🙂 ) that that HAD to be it after all…
    and so you are coming to Kauai? Will be GREAT to meet you!! looking forward to that!!

    1. Dominica, thank you so much for taking time to help and encourage me. I will see if I can’t fix the navigation on my blog. God willing I will be in Hawaii this summer. Much love to you!

  3. Don! What a great Soul that you have to Keep Positive and moving forward in times of grief. We have joined in harmony to change our lives and Be the person that we know we can Be! You are a great Miracle! Keep Smiling Bro!

  4. Love your post Don, it is truly inspiring for me…thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us. I am so happy to share my journey with you and all the people in the Alliance!

    1. Chiara, thank you for the love I really appreciate you. Yes we are all together and that is where I personally am drawing my strength and energy! Much love to you.

  5. Hey Don!
    Now that is an interesting setup. Love the style. Amen on the progress report. We are all different some all progress differently. At times I wonder if I was missing something as I to don’t get the big Ah Ha moments but it is working. Mahalo

    1. Dan I realized that I was beating myself up over the fact that I wasn’t having “orgasmic” events as so many others are enjoying. I must travel my path on a slower more methodical pace. Good news… I will get there. Thanks for checking in. I really appreciate it!

  6. Don, that was a most excellent post. Thank you so much. Carole Manzi (carolemasterkey) shared it with me to help with some “stuff” I was feeling and I gotta say, it was the perfect medicine for the day. Have a beautiful day — and week — my friend. Take care.

    1. Don, Where is the Like button, I appreciate what Kelvin said, and didn’t want to go into a full rant. ( I got off all day and am bursting with energy), anyway Kelvin your being positive, kind and encouraging with so many makes me so happy you are part of the journey. My conclusion is we are all better because of people like you being who you are and sharing the Love.

  7. Great vlog today Don, I was having a bit of a wobble with everything today but you always inspire me to keep going! Steph 🙂

    1. Steph I love your vocabulary. “Bit of a wobble” sounds so elegant compared to when I say “I slipped and busted my ass” love you girl!

    1. Thank you my friend. We are all in this together fighting our collective dragons dreaming of victory! Thanks for your friendship and support!

  8. Don, From this side of the screen, I see something totally different. You are softening the being hard on yourself. You Love more, your kindness is melted into the words flowing out of you. I appreciate most you are on this Journey and are ADDING to our experience. I see your growth, I hear the Love growing in you, I am inspired by your willingness to be different, creative, a leader. Please slow down enough to see your path as possibly being everything you need it to be. I have been doing more than I’ve been asked to do. I don’t want to finish this class. I want it to be a part of me forever and so shall it be. An example: the Snow had me off today and I’ve been catching up with stuff and I wanted to know more about Virtues. I found there is 120 Virtues and my thought was man that’s going to take till July 2018. OK, next.
    My point is I am on the same path as all of us, same Goal of being the Real self and lose the person we’ve become. Yet all of us are doing this differently. How perfect is that?

    1. Robert you are right.. I am a product of microwave thinking. I do see glimpse’s from time to time but just like you.. I want to get this right the first time with no regrets which makes me fearful the speed of my progress. Red pencil right?

      Thanks for being so supportive of me!

  9. You have such great energy in you and your smile just radiates kindness. I love how you are seeing this course working for you. Enjoy the snow. We are melting here today with +2 C. It is a mild winter here in Southern Ontario. Toodles and keep up the great work.

    1. Thanks Ms Barbara for you sweet comments and support. Thank the Lord it’s 70 degrees in North Texas today. In case you haven’t heard… we don’t do well with snow. LOL!
      Thanks again for all you do for me.

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