MKMMA Week 16 Sadness

One of my best friends in the world passed suddenly and surprisingly this past week.  It was a week of grief and emotion.  Please take a moment to pray for my friend and his family.

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God bless and keep you my friend.

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10 thoughts on “MKMMA Week 16 Sadness

  1. Don, this week has been equally tough here. My daughter best friend’s boyfriend was murdered. Today they had the viewing and funeral. The family did not want Ashley’s friend in to see her boyfriend at all. My daughter went for that reason to be the voice. I was ripped that I could not give My Little One the experience of dealing with tragedy like this. She has made me proud. She uses some of the principles we are learning in class and can’t say the terms, name, or explain. She just does it.
    I know words bring no peace big enough to fill the hole left by the passing of a Loved friend. Just take that love and spread it to someone in need soon and the hole in your heart will be full again. My Faith says that This Love is eternal and we can and will never loose that.
    Loved the “Amazing Grace” video.
    Take time this week for you, Love your friend, the family and his friends

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