I have been a slave to many things things in my life.

I spent a grueling 25 years living in a soulless, corporate world living a life that I could only describe as quiet desperation.

During this time I subscribed to 70 hour weeks and horrific eating and drinking habits that were unhealthy to say the least.

Worse still my personal health and fitness habits were deplorable and my tumultuous self-inflicted divorce, as well as a series of broken relationships made my personal mental situation even worse.  loser_t_shirt

I awarded myself, life’s  “LOSER” t-shirt!

I think it would be safe to say that my “dream life” had become and inescapable a nightmare.

In my nightmare I was constantly running from the seven headed monster my life had become.

I needed an escape…. I needed a new dream….. I needed a way out!

But the change I needed, Did not find me!

Be Careful What You Dream

I finally got my chance at a new dream in 2010.  I would love to tell you that it was of my own choosing after “careful planning” but that would be untrue.

It was during one random day in 2010 that things all changed.  I received two books from a friend who knew I was struggling.  The two books were, Rick Warren’s,  “A Purpose Driven Life” and John Maxwell’s, “Today Matters”

It was then that I realized the truth about my self induced problems…

Now… to find a quick fix… a microwavable answer… Ha!

The ensuing years had me inhaling every book written on personal development and buying or subscribing to every course offered by one of the GURU’S.  My investment of time and money was outrageous.


Nothing changed, I was the same scatter brained fool I had always been.

I just couldn’t seem to GET IT!    What is wrong with me I kept asking!

One day I was surfing on YouTube looking for the answer to my problems when I ran across a guy about my age with a thick New England accent who was talking about being better and what it meant.

His delivery was not as polished as all of the Guru’s I had spent the money with but his message hit home.

He had over 300 videos talking about the different things one had to do to effect change with real life examples.  I wondered, could this finally be the guy?  I begin to watch in earnest.

The weirdest part was that it was all FREE!   He didn’t charge a dime.

He simply “gave it away!”   Who does that their must be a catch, right?

This was my introduction to Mark Januszewski or Mark J. as his loving followers refer to him.  I became hooked on the message and wanted to know more.

So I reached out to him on social media… he actually answered me.

He gave me more places to go to receive FREE help.

One of these sites was his Master Key Experience.  In the Master Keys you spend 6 months with Mark and his team learning “hands on” exactly how to change your life into the life YOU WANT!

The Master Keys Experience is unique in that their is no charge for the course.  It is available by scholarship only and you have to apply for admission.

I learned that the previous years class had paid the scholarships forward.

How cool is that?

So in August of 2015 I applied and was accepted into the program.  This entire website is the story of my experience in The Master Keys.

I invite you to follow along and watch me try and effect a quality change in my life.  See my success’s and my failures.

Maybe you will see something that could help you, a family member or friend.


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